Friday, May 7, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Lost and Found, Bluford Series by Anne Schraff

Title: Lost and Found
Series No.: 1
Author: Schraff, Anne
Summary: This, the first book in the Bluford series, centers on the life of Bluford sophomore Darcy Wills. Darcy contends with the return of her long-lost father, the troubling behavior of her younger sister Jamee, and the beginning of her first real relationship.

My review: For starters, I guess I should say how much I appreciated and enjoyed this book. It was great. Not as riveting as it could be but still highly readable. It focused more on the relationships in Darcy's world than outrageous plots and I loved that. Sometimes you just want a book that has no vampires or werewolves and is more realistic lol I would really recommend this book for teens although I am not a teen lol Parents will love it too as its clean and teaches good principals for young adults without being preachy. I thought I wouldn't connect with Darcy at first as she seemed like a goody-two-shoes but I came to realize that she is a good girl with normal issues and it made her that much more rootable. I really think everyone should pick this novel up, if only because the characters are so well-crafted. Its a book you could finish in 1-2 hours as it has less than 200 pages. Overall, I give it a 3.5/5 stars.

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