Saturday, May 8, 2010

Top 10 Picks: Favorite Love Stories of All Time

Thanks to the Random Ramblings site for this new meme. We were asked to share our list of our top 10 favorite love stories of all time from books, movies and even TV. My list in no particular order:


Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter
- From A Walk to Remember

The movie was okay but you honestly haven't lived until you've read the book by Nicholas Sparks. It was amazing from start to finish and it amazes me sometimes that these two teens could be so young and just have the most genuine love story! I want a Landon for myself haha

Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe
- From Anne series by L.M. Montgomery

Who doesn't love Gil and his little redhead, Carrots? Their story was so well-written and well-developed from the very first book. They sparkled together, their chemistry was palable and I loved every moment of their bantering as much as I loved the first ILYs (I love yous). It doesn't feel right somehow to imagine them with anyone else which is why I ignore the third Anne movie completely.

Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth
- From Persuasion by Jane Austen

Oh the power of a good love story. It can bring you to tears, make your heart swell, make you feel romantic when you might not normally. And oh the power of a well-written love letter. Captain Wentworth's at the end of the book is so beautiful and heart-renderingly perfect that you might be tempted to say, Darcy who? lol Captain W. is definitely my kind of hero and Anne was a wonderful heroine who was very much your average, everyday girl IMO.

Sam McCall and Ian Devlin
- From General Hospital

I used to be a faithful soap opera fan but pretty much stopped enjoying them a longtime ago. That said, early 2008 of GH was the last time I really enjoyed the show. The so-called "scab" writers during the infamous writer's strike wrote some amazing stories. The one that captivated me the most was the burgeoning potential love story of Sam and Ian. Ian could be a dirty scoundrel but Seamus Dever (playing Ian) was the best thing to happen to daytime since Vanessa Marcil first stole the scene as Brenda Barrett. I was anticipating a very powerful, well-acted love story that sadly it never materialized as Seamus left the show and went on to better things (ie. Castle and Army Wives!).


Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins
- From Sweet Valley series' by Francine Pascal

Once in awhile, a supercouple comes along in a book series or book and Liz and Todd is definitely one of those that easily comes to mind. They went through it all - makes up, breakups, scheming siblings, evil twins, vampires, et al and they still were the heart of the SV-verse. In fact, they still are and fan-girls like me are keeping the love alive for a possible reunion in the coming book "Sweet Valley Heights".


Josie Gellar and Sam Coulson
- From the film "Never Been Kissed"

Oh how I love this film from start to finish. I love everything about it but of course the love story of Josie "Grossie" and her teacher is epic. Michael Vartan and Drew Barrymore had chemistry that clicked from the first time they glanced at each other and there was the perfect amount of angst to make the happy ending that much more savorable.

Julia Sullivan and Robbie Hart
- From the film "The Wedding Singer"
Okay I admit it, I love Drew Barrymore and she can do no wrong in my eyes but her turn as beleagured bride-to-be Julia is something to behold as well. The script of TWS is so well-done but it would have flopped without the genuis of the casting department. Drew and Adam Sandler were meant to act together. Need proof? They did another movie together called 50 First Dates! The chemistry crackled between this two in every single scene and the characters were so real and rootable you couldn't help but fall in love with them.


Ophelia and Hamlet
- From Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
Everyone loves Romeo and Juliet, right? I like them too but my heart beats hardest for Hamlet and his lovely Ophelia. What a tragic story they had but oh so passionate and angsty - my favorite kind of love story. I really loved this play and the movies I have seen of it too, especially the Kenneth Branagh version, which you should definitely see because it chronicles the whole 4-hour journey of Hamlet's tragic legacy in perfect form. That said, I cry my eyes out everytime Ophelia leaves the earth. O&H were meant to be.

Catherine Chandler and Vincent
- From Beauty and the Beast, the TV series

Who doesn't love a classic fairytale? Especially one that was as gripping and riveting and amazing to watch as this TV series was. I still revolt thinking that they killed off Catherine's character and thus ended the legend of Beauty and her Beast, Vincent, but what they had together will go on forever and ever in my mind. That was a beautiful love story, the best Beauty and Beast adaptation of all time IMO.


Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley
- From "Emma" by Jane Austen

Emma and Knightley. How beautiful a pairing that was. You could tell from the beginning that their banter had lots of underlying emotion behind it, you just had to wait and see when they (and Emma, in particular) would wake up and realize it. Emma is one of my favorite books and Emma is my all-time favorite Austen heroine while Knightley is another Austen charmer I'd like to friend lol

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  1. Hi! Great list! Love your categories and I like that you picked some different ones too. Persuasion is my next favorite Austen next to P&P-- but I like them all.

  2. Wow, okay I agree with everything in your list. But I just have to comment on Elizabeth and Todd! These were seriously one of the first swoon-worthy couples I have ever read about. I was a tween, LOL.
    Now please refresh my memory, did they ultimately end up together? Hopefully! I loved them!